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About UPA

The mission of University Preparatory Academy-Pinellas is to provide students with the academic, leadership and social skills that will enable them to attend and graduate from an institution of higher education.

We believe this mission statement encompasses the best of what University Preparatory Academy-Pinellas (“University Prep”) will have to offer, and focuses in on the three components that we believe will be essential to building the overall culture of the school.


academic2From day one, regardless of whether the students are kindergarteners or eighth graders, our students will enter University Prep with the understanding that they are headed to college. Our academic program is designed to accelerate the learning of our students and prepare them for rigorous high school and college coursework. As you will read later in this application, our academic program will hold students accountable for academic success and structures are built in for assisting those students who may be struggling. The use of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) will not only be used as the core program focus, but looked at as a minimum set of academic expectations. We will expect our students to rise above the academic standards put in place by the CCSS/NGSSS.


Leadership2The culture at University Prep will be that student achievement is everyone’s responsibility, from each of the teacher’s on staff, to the administration, to the volunteers, and to the students themselves. All of the stakeholders will be empowered to take a role within the leadership of the school, whether it is through the school’s board of directors, accountability committee, staff teams, or students helping to form academic clubs and groups that focus on student achievements. Additionally through the six-pronged approach to our instructional design, students will be taught specific leadership skills that they will need to be successful in their future lives, whether it be in leading a team or an industry.

Social Skills

Social-Skills3The student population University Prep intends to serve are the areas identified by the state as some of the most difficult educational zones in the state of Florida. We are confident that with our college focused aim, we will help students succeed. Students in these areas may feel defeated, as they have attended schools that are “failing,” may come from families struggling to survive, and thus may not be able to dedicate the time and resources necessary to focusing on educational priorities. In addition to the academic needs of our students, these mind sets and social skills will be an important focus of University Prep.

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Enroll Today


In order to prepare students for college success, our focus is on a rigorous college preparatory program from kindergarten on.  Our commitment is to prepare every student who joins our school to not only attend but succeed at college and beyond. However, we cannot do this alone.  As parents, you are your child’s first and most influential teacher. We want to work together with you to ensure your child’s success.

At University Prep, we commit to working as hard as we can to provide a safe and engaging learning environment for your students.  Our teachers will go above and beyond in providing your child with what they will need to succeed.

In exchange for our commitment, we ask that you also commit to assisting us with this by:

  • Making sure your student is at school unless he or she has a legitimate illness
  • Communicating with school staff regarding your child’s progress
  • Providing a place and time for your student to practice their school work at home
  • Volunteering, if you are able, at the school to help our students succeed

By completing a student application, you acknowledge that you are willing to partner with the school staff to prepare your child for academic success.

How To Apply

  • Complete the online application; or
  • Call (727) 366-7145; or
  • Visit The Enoch Davis Center at 1111 18th Ave S St. Petersburg, FL and complete a paper application; or
  • Visit The UPA Enrollment Center at 1701 10th Street S St. Petersburg, FL and complete a paper application 
  • Applications must be received by Friday June 21, 2013 in order to be eligible for the student lottery (if necessary)
  •  The lottery will be held on Wednesday June 26, 2013 (if necessary) 
  • All students who apply by the deadline will be included in the lottery (if necessary)
  •  We will notify families on Friday June 28, 2013 regarding the lottery results

Please call us at (727) 366-7145 with any questions.

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For Families

Connecting with families is extremely important to us at University Prep Academy.   Check back on this page soon as we will be posting a wealth of information for our families ranging from a series of frequently asked questions, to student supply lists, to students enrollment information.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions, please call us at (727) 366-7145.

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